Minor Upgrade/Patch – Thursday, Jan 15th from 10PM to 3AM

On Thu Jan 15, 2015 between 10pm and 2:59am EST, Cisco will be applying a Standard Patch to the following WebEx sites:


WebEx Services:

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
  • Cisco WebEx Training Center
  • Cisco WebEx Event Center
  • Cisco WebEx Support Center


This email contains information to help ensure a smooth transition. All Cisco WebEx meeting Hosts and Attendees will receive the new version of the Meeting client and Productivity Tools client upon entering a session for the first time.

Please note:

  • After we have applied the patch to your site, a new Meeting Client will automatically be offered the first time users enter a meeting. The installation of the New Client is automatic and browser restart is not required.
  • Productivity Tools client – The new Productivity Tools client will be offered when users launch Productivity Tools for the first time after the patch has been applied.


This release builds upon the enhancements introduced with the New WebEx in WBS29.8. In this release, you will find new features and enhancements that continue to make WebEx easier to use, and improve the productivity of your meetings. A few highlights of this release include introduction of a Personal Room for Meeting Center so all hosts can have their own virtual meeting room with a unique URL they can hold meetings in. We’ve made it easier to manage recurring meetings, including the ability to change a single occurrence of a meeting series. A new “Anyone Can Share” feature has been added to make it easier to share content during a meeting. The video experience has also been improved by increasing the default video frame rate.

Personal Room Overview and FAQ

Cisco is pleased to offer the following resources to help your end-users learn the new features in WBS29.11:

  • Personal Room Overview and FAQs:



Personal Room for Meeting Center

All Meeting Center hosts can now enjoy their very own Personal Room. Think of it as your own conference room. You get your own easy-to-remember link that never changes, so your colleagues will always know where your meetings are being held. Meet instantly or add the Personal Room URL to a Microsoft Outlook calendar invitation. Make back-to-back meetings simple and manage your attendees through a lobby.

  • Each Meeting Center host gets a Personal Room with a unique meeting link.
  • Your Meeting Center home page is now your Personal Room.
  • The Personal Room can be locked when a meeting is in progress. When your Personal Room is locked, attendees wait in a “lobby” until your room is unlocked or until you admit them to the room. You can see who is waiting in the lobby and control who joins your meeting.
  • The “Meet Now” function (formerly “One-Click Meeting”) uses your Personal Room for instant meetings (see below).

“One-Click Meeting” Renamed to “Meet Now”

The “One-Click Meeting” function has been renamed “Meet Now”. “Meet Now” starts an instant meeting in your Personal Room by default.
Note: In WBS29.11, WebEx Productivity Tools will retain the “One-Click Meeting” name. This change will be implemented in a future release of WebEx Productivity Tools.

Recurring Meeting Enhancements

The scheduling function in Meeting Center has been enhanced to better manage recurring meetings. You can now create exceptions to a recurring meeting series. You can also manage the series and single occurrences, either through the web scheduler, or through WebEx Productivity Tools.

  • You can now create individual exceptions to a meeting series.
  • You have the option to update a particular occurrence of a meeting or the entire series.
  • If a single occurrence of a meeting series is updated, meeting reminders and options that allow attendees to join before the host will still work correctly.

New “Anyone Can Share” Feature

Any participant can now share content in the meeting by simply selecting “Share”. This feature makes it easier to change presenters in a meeting and improves the overall collaboration experience. If hosts want more control over sharing, they can disable this feature while the meeting is in progress. This option can also be disabled in Site Administration.

WebEx Productivity Tools Updates

WebEx Productivity Tools has been updated to support the recurring meeting enhancement. The feature that allows a user to schedule meetings on behalf of another host has been simplified so that the host only needs to enter the user’s name in the “Scheduling Permission” section of the “Preferences” page. Microsoft Outlook delegation is no longer required for scheduling meetings on behalf of another host. The Mac version also has improved localization and accessibility.

Starting with the WBS29.11 release, WebEx Productivity Tools integration with Microsoft Outlook will use a single email invitation template for both the host and attendees. Depending on the type of audio configuration the impact will vary based on the scenarios outlined below.

All Meetings (any audio type)

  • Hosts will no longer receive a host specific email, they will receive the standard invitation email.

Meetings with TSP integrated audio

  • The Host Code (also sometimes known Subscriber code) will no longer be included in the in the email/invitation sent to hosts.

Meetings using WebEx Personal Conferencing audio (PCN)

  • The Host Access Code will no longer be included in the in the email/invitation sent to hosts.

Hosts can retrieve the host key and access code by:

  • Launch the WebEx client. The WebEx client displays this information to hosts.
  • Go to the meeting information web page via link available in the invitation that is also sent to attendees.
  • Click the “Change Settings” button in the Outlook appointment to see the host details under “WebEx Settings”


In-Meeting Experience Enhancements

Cisco WebEx continues to improve your meeting experience with a clean, modern interface and key usability enhancements:

  • Audio dialog boxes have been improved
  • A vertical annotation bar has been added when viewing shared content in full-screen view on the Mac.
  • Share Desktop” has been renamed “Share Screen” and “Audio Conference” has been renamed “Audio Connection
  • Content view options have been added. You can easily zoom content in and out by just selecting the “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” icons. A new “Pan” tool allows you to move content horizontally or vertically when viewing screen sharing or application sharing.
  • The video panel layout and controls have been improved. These changes allow you to view video and switch between layouts more easily. You also have the ability to specify default video camera settings for your meetings.
  • If bandwidth issues occur while sending video, the spinning wheel icon is replaced with an error message after 5 seconds.
  • Automatic recovery of video is now provided for WebEx meetings that use Cisco TelePresence.


Profile and Preferences pages have been optimized

The Profile and Preferences pages have been optimized with a clean, modern look and feel. Profile and preference settings have been divided between the two pages to more logically group settings. The pages have been updated to comply with accessibility guidelines.

The Profile page now contains key profile information along with an improved image uploader for use with the new Personal Room for Meeting Center. The Preferences page has new collapsible categories. The following settings have been moved from the Profile page to the Preferences page:

  • My Personal Room
  • Scheduling Templates
  • Session Options (formerly Scheduling Options)
  • Support Center
  • My Phone Numbers
  • Meet Now Settings (formerly One-Click Setup)

Improved Video Experience

When you start a meeting, the default video frame rate will be 15 fps.

In-Meeting Technical Support for CCA customers (WebEx Meeting Center, Event Center &Training Center)

In-meeting Technical Support can be configured for WebEx Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) customers. Both the host and the attendees can connect with Technical Support during the meeting. Technical Support can either be your corporate Help Desk or a third-party supplier. Administrators can specify Technical Support phone numbers in the WebEx Site Administration tool.

WebEx API Enhancements

The WebEx APIs have been updated to support Personal Rooms, recurring meeting enhancements and Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR Cloud) provisioning for Meeting Center. The XML APIs also support partner account authentication so partners can use a single ID to provision users across WebEx sites they manage.

WebEx Site Administration Updates

The following updates have been made to WebEx Site Administration. Note: Not all of these changes apply to all WebEx Services.

  • Personal Room settings are now separated from Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR Cloud) Settings.
  • Administrators can enable Personal Rooms for their site.

Note: If Administrators do not want their hosts to have Personal Room feature, they should log in immediately after the upgrade to disable this feature.

  • Administrators can allow users to change their Personal Room URL.
  • Administrators can now manage Technical Support numbers for WebEx Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) customers.
  • WebEx meetings or events cannot be started if the host account has been deactivated.
  • Administrators can control the ability to print and save documents when a file is shared during a meeting.

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