WebEx Minor Upgrade (WBS 29.10) – 10/30/2014 at 10pm EST

On Thu Oct 30, 2014 between 10pm and Oct 31, 2014 2:59am EST, Cisco will be applying a Service Pack to the following WebEx services:.

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
  • Cisco WebEx Training Center
  • Cisco WebEx Event Center
  • Cisco WebEx Support Center

All Cisco WebEx meeting Hosts and Attendees will receive the new version of the Meeting client upon entering a session for the first time.

Please note:

  • After we upgrade your site, a new Meeting client will automatically be offered the first time users enter a meeting. The installation of the new client is automatic and browser restart is not required.



Mac 10.10 Yosemite Support

Starting with WBS29.10, WebEx now supports Mac 10.10 Yosemite and Safari 8. Please see the “Operating System and Browser support” section of the release notes for the latest information on platform support.

Remove “Instructor Led Training”

The Private, Instructor-Led Training from Learning Services is no longer offered, and the reference for this service is being removed from the Training page and New User Reference page located on the left side of the navigation bar of the website.

If you are experiencing interruptions with any Cisco WebEx services, while on the secondary system, please contact Cisco WebEx Global Support Services so that a Technical Support agent can assist you in resolving the issue.

To Contact Support

If you are experiencing interruptions with any Cisco WebEx services, including WebEx Messenger and Meeting services, please call the WebEx Help Desk at +1-866-229-3239 or +1-408-435-7088

If you are located outside the US please go to the following link https://support.webex.com/support/phone-numbers.html for local support numbers.

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