WebEx Upgrade: 3/7/13 @ Midnight

On Thursday, Mar 7, 2013 between 12:00 am and 3:00AM Eastern Time, Cisco will be upgrading our WebEx services to the new release; WebEx Business Suite 28.9 (WBS28.9).

This will impact the following sites:

  • http://dukeuniversity.webex.com
  • http://dukemed.webex com

These sites may be intermittently unavailable during this time.

WebEx Meeting Lite (http://duke-social.webex.com) will NOT be impacted by this upgrade.

All Cisco WebEx meeting hosts and attendees will receive the new version upon entering a session for the first time.



Microsoft® Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 Support

WebEx web conferencing services (including Productivity Tools) now offer full support for Windows 8 on a desktop. Please note that support for Windows 8 Application Mode or Windows 8 on tablet devices is not available at this time. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 10, Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer 10 is also supported on Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit).

Network-Based Recording (NBR) – Enhancements in Replaying Files That Have Been Converted to Flash Using Adobe® Flash Player

Prior to release WBS 28.9, users who converted their NBR files (.arf format) to Flash (.swf format), may have encountered problems replaying the converted recording using the latest Adobe Flash Player – this is the result of a change in support for the lower key frame rate introduced in the newest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

The new WebEx release introduces an option to the user to select the key frame rate when converting .arf files to .swf format. Users may need to convert their old recordings to the higher key frame rate or use version 11.3 of the Adobe Flash Player (or older) to play previously converted recordings.

Productivity Tools and Multiple Inbox Support

WebEx Outlook integration through Productivity Tools now allows Outlook 2010 users with more than one Exchange Inbox to schedule WebEx meetings. In the past, users with more than one inbox would not be able to add a WebEx meeting. Users will now be able to add WebEx meetings, as long as the user’s WebEx email address matches the one being used in Outlook.

An issue for Productivity Tools has also been resolved to fix the issue of a WebEx meeting start date being set back to 12/30/1899.

High Definition Video in Theater Mode

Starting with WBS 28.9, WebEx Meeting Center and WebEx Training Center users can send and receive High Definition (HD) 720p video in both “Full-screen” and “Expanded Full-screen” Theater views. Previously, HD video was available only in Expanded Full-screen Theater mode.

Theater mode is currently available in two views:

  • “Full-screen” theater view: Centered on a black background featuring large active speaker video and a “filmstrip” of smaller thumbnail icons of other meeting participants below (if there are more than 2 participants in the meeting)
  • “Expanded Full-screen” theater view: Where the central active speaker video window occupies the full screen. To view video in Expanded Full-screen theater mode, users select the “Enlarge to full-screen” button (icon with four arrows).

Both Theater modes now support HD video.

For additional details on bandwidth consumption, HD video system requirements and administrator options for enabling and disabling HD video for your site please see the Cisco WebEx Network Bandwidth white paper by clicking this link.


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